Real World Classroom™ is an applied learning, design program anchored in real life experience. This project better prepares students for employment and transfer to continued education. Students work with actual clients in all studio classes starting in the second semester. The program includes print & time based media, identity/logo, package, photography and web design.
International collaboration is embedded in the curriculum giving all design students a global experience to enhance their resume and portfolios.

The student run Design Club feature in the program ignites an entrepreneurial spirit by allowing students to take on clients, commercial endeavors, travel, education and career opportunities to expand on course offerings.


The Road Map is an interdisciplinary comprehensive website that drives students to a host of services offered on and off campus i.e. career and students services etc..

This project operates like a video game. Using gamification, the student completes tasks in a scavenger hunt format, finding pertinent information and performing the tasks needed to assemble a successful education and career roadmap.

Each milestone connects to a specific badge. Once the information is gleaned, a task completed, the badge will then be received and posted to the student’s profile within the Real World Classroom website as well as the student’s LinkedIn account.

Achievement in the game has shown to help students get to know themselves more realistically.

This environment creates “a community of relationships” assisting students in managing their education & career plan.

No longer journeying alone, they benefit from the power of tapping into fellow students, professionals and resources to help in achieving their goals.

The final outcome provides better recruiting, enrollment and retention.


International Collaboration – Presenter – Presenter for COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) in North America and the U.K. [a sentence about COIL]

Co-Presenter and conference mentor, SUNY COIL Latin American Academy 3, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Panelist on The national meeting NUTN National University Technology Network events.

Panelist and facilitator for Washington University WA. Course Collaborator with La Salle University in Mexico City.


Learning Travel Events – Coordinator and facilitator of national and international learning travel focused on Real World Design research. Previous Event Locations: London and Mexico City.