Mine The Gap (8 Tips for Designing a Custom Gap Year)

By Professor Sean Nixon

Tip #1- Dream Big 

After a gap year,  you will have a story to tell for the rest of your life! A story that you get to write. There will be certain realities of our current situation (recovering from a worldwide pandemic), but instead of thinking of them as limitations, think of them as opportunities. For instance, your gap might be about making a difference. You may want to be a part of the political changes and movements that are organic to the times we are living in right NOW. 

Yes, you will need to take a realistic look at your time and resources, but you can still dare yourself to find out what really makes you tick and set a chart for discovery. 

Tip #2- Plan It Out 

It may be tempting to start exploring new challenges immediately after high school graduation. You might see yourself running around the country checking off items from your bucket list, but a gap year will be much better served if you grab a calendar and come up with a master plan.     

Writing out a timeline with your most important milestones gives you context that reveals the action steps you’ll need to take in order to succeed. 

Being inspired and dreaming up a big custom plan isn’t the hard part. The hard part is sustaining the energy to make it through the challenges that are always inevitable on any journey. 

Don’t forget to make sure that your plan includes goals that are personal growth-oriented. Elegance and magic include your inner growth as well as learning external skills and experiences. 


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